Cloud solutions

Aptitude Technologies specializes in the development and deployment of cloud and hybrid environments.

IP telephony

Aptitude Technologies offers the installation, configuration and complete management of IP telephony systems efficiently, reliably and economically.

IT management

Trust the professionals of aptitude Technologies for the management of your IT projects and your computer park.

In addition to solving our IT problems, Aptitude Technologies keeps us regularly updated on what’s new to improve productivity or simply save money.

Ms. Byanca Groleau,
Attorney Infralex

Turnkey IT solutions, simple, efficient and low cost!

Support informatique

Being an SME ourselves, we understand the stakes and challenges of being an entrepreneur today. Whether it is to communicate with your customers or to place an order with a supplier, we know that your time is valuable and you are able to be quick and efficient no matter what task you have to perform to be competitive.

We also understand that the success and prosperity of a business today depends in part on good and sound IT management. Computer science is an ever-evolving field, and where yesterday’s good practices may not be the best of tomorrow. It can be easy to get lost when all your attention is focused on your business. This is where we come into play to support you and place the puzzle pieces with you to give you a better overview.

The Aptitude Technologies team looked at the “Commentary? “In order to find a companion way for entrepreneurs to face the IT challenges on their bold website today. From this reflection, Entrepreneur 2.0 was born to help entrepreneurs improve their productivity and simplify their IT management on a daily basis.

The initiative is a set of turnkey, simple, efficient and low cost IT solutions for addressing common needs and problems in front of many companies. After all, computing should be a value to your business, not a burden.

IP telephony

Discover our selection of high-performance computing equipment for your SME!

The intention of Aptitude Technologies for a simple project to keep things simple, this is what distinguished them from other consultants met.

Mr. Alain Berthiaume

Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERPNext)

Very few software packages are actually 100% free of rights. Many of them offer a free, but limited version in terms of features. ERPNext is not limited in any way, all its functions are accessible without having to pay a penny. ERPNext has an easy-to-use interface that will be easily adopted by your staff. Thanks to its simplicity, the learning curve is thus reduced and productivity is rapidly increasing.

Available on any device, ERPNext is accessible from anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re on the road, in the office or at home, you’re experiencing real business mobility! Learn more.


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