Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Mastering the key data necessary for the sound management of an enterprise is a complex task requiring a great deal of coordination in the acquisition of information. If this task is entrusted to several software programs, each one dealing with a sector of the company, it may be difficult to assemble the whole to extract a synthesis. The situation can be even more complex and cumbersome when information is scattered among a multitude of spreadsheets or worse, when there is no data acquisition at all.

The more a business grows, the greater the need for information management becomes. It is here that a management software package comes into play. This type of software brings together all the modules required to manage the acquisition and the information cycle under one roof in all sectors of the company , Thus enabling the generation of reports and performance indicators that are essential to the decision-making and direction of the company.

Historically, this type of software has always been part of a niche market, operated by large companies and resold at great cost. Recently, a new player has come to change the deal by offering a software completely free of rights and whose source code is fully accessible: ERPNext.

A management software package should not be a cost center, but rather a source of value creation for the company. It is at the heart of the application of processes of continuous improvement and contributes more and more to the automation of tasks. A free software of law makes it possible to achieve these objectives more.

With a traditional business management software package, the annual maintenance contract alone can cost several thousand dollars. This annual contract simply provides updates to the software. Now take these few thousand dollars, in addition to the other thousands of dollars saved in licenses, and you get an important leverage that allows you to evolve your management software package in order to constantly increase the agility of your business Only competitive, but ahead of your competitors.

Discover the full potential of ERPNext for your business!